About Daved Calderwood

These are the stories of Daved Calderwood but that isn’t entirely accurate. I could never really write everything down about Daved because even now after five years I still find things out about this character that I honestly wasn’t aware of before. I have had other characters in other games but it was always Daved that I was the most fascinated with.

I won’t even tell you about his past because again I am just finding it out myself and believe me the discoveries I have made concerning Daved has always brought mixed feelings from it.

I still can’t decide even today whether I see Daved as some “alter-ego” of  my real life self or if  he is some extension of my personality or if he is someone I would consider as a close friend. It always brings the question would I even like a person like Daved if I saw him in real life? I couldn’t really say honestly. There is alot of his character that I can relate to and alot of it that I find so far removed to my own self that I probably would recoil in shock.

He has his faults like anyone else, he can be brash, headstrong, stubborn alot of times foolhardy. He follows his heart alot when he should follow his mind but then again I speaking from the perspective of an older person that has had time to reflect on the mistakes made in the past. In that I think I could forgive Daved for his mistakes as well as his faults.

I do know this, in every story that I have written I see more into the world Daved lives in. It’s a harsh world where men live by the sword. Where death can make its appearance without warning. In this world the good guys don’t always win and many times it is confusing as to who the good guys are. This world is founded on blood and steel and people do what they have to just to see another day.

Daved lives here and he does what he can. His caste is that of darkness and death, well death for a price. Of all the castes, the Black Caste is truly the harshest. How Daved got to be of this Dark Caste is a journey I get to see in bits and fragments with every story I write.  I hope you will enjoy reading about this journey.





One response to “About Daved Calderwood

  1. David Kay ⋅

    I can say to all of you; “Get a life”!

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